Wednesday, October 17, 2012

      May is always Crazy with dace reviews, pre-school graduations, end of year reward ceremonies, T- ball etc. etc. So this is going to take a couple of posts and picture overload:)
       My Niece's Emily, Cameron, Brityn, and Kaci all had their performances on Thursday night. I like to go watch them so Madison and I went and watched:) Then Friday Madison and Reagan performed. I love to watch these girls dance. They have so much fun, and Madison loves to perform:)
Madison, Jake & Kaci
Emily& Madison

Cameron, Madison, Reagan, Emily, & Brityn
The Girls and Lisa
Madi and Lisa

Grandma & Grandpa with their dancers
It doesn't seem that long ago since we were the dancers:) And now it our girls

Grandma And Grandpa Woodland werealso there to support her we just had to grab a picture later that night:)

Friday, September 7, 2012

April 2012

This post is of our annual trip to Joy!!! This was also Hayden's first camping trip!! He was so good. He didn't seem to mind at all. He was almost 3 months old. And by the pictures you will know why he took on the nickname chubbers:) We had a good time as always with family and friends

This picture makes me laugh! Just chillin. Look at those cheeks:)
Andrew had been on a horse ride and it started snowing hard.  Good thing he was prepared:)
Having fun with cousins
Jake and Madison made signs to put on their chairs so no one would take them.  It didn't work:)

Flying Kites! One of Brett's favorite memories as a kid.  In the picture Brett, Andrew and Jake
Kaci, Andrew, and Aunt Lisa
Hayden's First sit on Sandy:)  We cant call it a ride cause sandy never moved:) Andrew was so excited to get Hayden on that horse he could hardly stand it.  Proud moment for their dad too:)

This is where this kid is HAPPY! 
One of the best parts for Andrew is that he gets to ride with his dad.  Brett loves it too.
This is the before picture of the pony cart ride:)  It went south after this and we didn't get an after picture. Lets just say the pony took off and there was a lot of screaming and tears:)
I said hey cute boy. I was talking to Hayden, but Brett says who me:) Of course you:)
Just chillin in bed!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

March 2012

On March 14, 2012 Madison turned 9 years old!!!! We decided to take her friends to the movie the Lorax. It was a bit crazy with all those girls and her wild little brother Andrew. I love parties so it was fun! She opened some gifts and we watched the movie and then we took every one home. When we got home Dad and Hayden Had he present all ready for her. A cute new bike! She loved it but thought it might be hard to ride with just one hand but she made it work and it was great. We love you Madison. I can't believe she is 9.

                                                             Andrew and Madison
                                                                 Karlie Cowan
                                                                  Jaida Stephensen
                                                                   Naesha Poulsen
                                                                       Jerica Barnet
                                                                    Bailey Wright

                                                                      Sadie Nielson
                                                                      Emily Garrett
                                                                       Reagan Lynn:)
                                                                      Janey Lunt
                                                                 Her Cute New Bike!!!

Hayden also turned 2 months in March.  He changed so much in one months time:) Here he is 13lbs

We blessed Hayden Jones Woodland on March 18, 2012. It was such a good day we had almost all of our family there with us. Shannon and her family had just got back from vacation and couldn't leave church responsibilities behind another week. We sure did miss them though. We are so blessed to have all of our male family members that are of age worthy to hold the priesthood. Those who stood in the circle were, Mark R. Jones, Ronald C. Jones, Golden R. Mangelson, Casey M. Jones, LaMar G. Howarth, Jeremy B. Lynn, Byron B. Woodland, Art Forbush, Jeff T. Andrus, Alan T. Gee, Dan V. Woodland, Bishop Carl Brough, and of course William Brett Woodland. Brett has given such awesome blessings to our children and Hayden's was no different. We are so blessed that Brett is worthy to hold the priesthood. My dad told him once that blessing your children will be one of the best things he could do. I am so grateful he honors his priesthood to the fullest and can bless me and our kids. I am so grateful for our amazing families. We are always supported by them. We had one of my favorite meals for the lunch. Sweet pork salads:) Everyone chipped in and made it really yummy.

                                                         My Cute kids before church!
                                                             Great Grandma Nelson
                                                 Great aunt and Uncle Art and Lee Forbush
                                  Great Grandma and Grandpa Golden and Irene Mangelson
                                                           Great Grandpa Ron Jones
                                        Hayden Jones Woodland, William Brett Woodland
We celebrated Madison's family birthday party at the blessing dinner since we were all there.  So the cake and ice cream were desert.  This years theme was BEE"s if you couldn't tell.  I love the Bee theme it my favorite:)
                                                 The cake! It says Madi on the little banner!
                                                         The big banner says Madison

one more thing in February

Hayden turned 1 month in February:) These two pictures were taken a couple weeks apart and you can tell how he had grown in such a short time:( What a sweet baby boy. I just love all that hair. It would stick straight out unless we put lotion in it to calm it down. As you can see it didn't help much because it is still sticking out!

                                                                   Hayden 1 month

                                                                      Hayden 2 weeks

February 2012

I am slowly getting caught up:) This February was our first valentines with three kids:) Ya, we had so much fun. We had a fun dinner and got new jammies!! I love my kids more than anything!! Madison was 8. Andrew was 4. Hayden was almost 1 month.

Also in February Madison got her first broken arm. She went with her Aunt Uncle and Cousins ice skating and fell on the Ice:( Lisa called a warned me of what had happened, but felt like she was OK. Madison can be way dramatic so you never know if she is really hurt or not:) So we decided to not say anything about it unless she brought it up. The first thing out of her mouth with tears was I really hurt my arm. Brett and I looked at it. It didn't seem swollen and she could move it etc. But she said it really hurt. So we being the great parents we are sent her to get in the bath and soak it in hot water and move it around a little and with Motrin it would be better by morning:) Not the way it panned out. Since Hayden was born she liked to go get him out of bed and snuggle with him while I got ready. She went to pick him up and couldn't. And she tried to hold on to her water bottle and couldn't squeeze her hand to hold it. So off to the Dr. we go. He comes in and looks at it moves it around and says I don't think it's broken but lets do an x-ray anyway to make sure. I was feeling kind of silly taking her in, but I thought it would relieve some drama from her knowing it wasn't broken. Sure enough he came back and said I was wrong it is broken. What????? Madison immediately started to cry as if that meant they would have to cut her arm off:) I am telling you DRAMA!!! We took her to another room and he put a soft cast on it to wear for a week and then we went back for the pink hard cast for 6 weeks. Aunt Lisa was surprised to hear it was broken and felt bad that she thought she was fine:) SO DID I. So Lisa wasn't alone on that one:) We are so glad that experience is over. Just to tell you how dramatic she can get we took her brother to the ER for stitches and when we walked in they rushed to her to see what was wrong. We had to say it's not her it's her brother:)